2025 Diversify Your Income Retreat


Enjoy 6 Days & 5 Nights In Beautiful Catalonia Spain


May 17th-22nd, 2025










“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” 

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

We know that your business needs to grow, and that your creativity cannot be contained.  This retreat is designed to help you create those alternative streams of income you've been dreaming about, and strategically plan your next steps to make them a reality.

We believe that travel is one of the most important things that you can do during your lifetime. Not only do you push yourself out of your comfort zone but you also grow as a human being.

Travel tests you. It’s not always pretty. But the activities you do, the people you meet, the pictures you take, the food you eat, and the landscapes you walk, create memories that last forever.

As therapists, small business owners, and entrepreneurs, we don’t always practice what we preach.

We have all of these great ideas but most of them only reside within our minds, never to be seen by the world.

Our own fears and insecurities convince us that we should play it small, that we should shrink back inside of ourselves, and that we will inevitably FAIL.

During your time in beautiful Catalonia, Spain, we are going to launch these ideas into reality.  Our coaches have successfully created:

  • Monetized podcasts
  • Successful coaching programs
  • Membership sites that actually sell
  • Retreats & Summits
  • Group Practices
  • CEU events

During your time at the luxurious Catalonian seaside Villa, we are going to support you to ensure that you have Clarity, Confidence, & Consistency.

Call it impostor syndrome. Call it insecurity. Call it self-doubt…

Whatever you call it, we are going to work through it together and OBLITERATE it so that it no longer paralyzes you from putting your GREATNESS into the world.

Doubt Yourself But DO IT ANYWAY!

(That is the motto of this retreat.)
You’ll be with other like-minded, INCREDIBLY talented human beings in an “Incubator” in the most historic cities in Spain.

How can it possibly get any better than that?

Oh… did we mention you will get to write most of this off on your taxes? That’s a nice added bonus as well. (Obviously, talk with your accountant about what percentage is deductible).

What is the Power of the Group Experience?

Normalizes fears, failures, & mistakes, allowing us to acknowledge that it’s OK to second guess ourselves
Allows us to build each other up and turbocharge our creative processes
Being around excited, creative, & motivated people pushes us to be better than we were before

They allow for accountability, life-long relationships, belly laughs, and storytelling. These are the things that make you think back and smile.

Lifelong connections are forged in these events.  Our goal is for you to show up Authentically, Vulnerably, and leave feeling Inspired to take on the World!

During this experience, we’re going to combine work and play with a little bit of history…

  • We are going to eat incredible Spanish food together and have 2 all-inclusive, locally catered meals each day.
    • “We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.” – Epicurus 
  • We are going to stay in a beautiful, Spanish villa 40 minutes outside of Barcelona, Spain.
  • We are going to have 2 group experiences in Catalonia, Spain.
    • Examples include Girona city tours, Paella cooking classes, Flamenco shows, etc.
  • We’ll be working on your dreams, goals, aspirations, and ideas. We’ll be providing business coaching alongside several other industry experts.
    • Want to finally write that book? Let’s work on the mental blocks to help you get started.
    • Too fearful to start that coaching program because no one would ever buy it? Screw that noise. We’ll help you work through that impostor syndrome.
    • Wondering how you can write copy that attracts more of your ideal clients and actually represents your brand? Done and Done!
    • Simply want to fine-tune things in your business and just be a part of the process and collective energy… You Do You, Boo!
    • You’ll have access to us in group and breakout settings, as well as individually.
  • A 3-month follow-up group coaching call so that you can maintain momentum and accountability
  • Surrounded by KICK ASS, Brave Therapists and Entrepreneurs

View Presentation Descriptions & Learning Objectives for the Spain 2025 Retreat.

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This event is not approved for NBCC credit

Retreat Hosts & Instructors

Patrick Casale, MA LCMHC  [Co-Host]

Owner of All Things Private Practice LLC

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Podcast Host | Private Practice Coach | Group Practice Owner | Retreat Host | Speaker

Patrick Casale is a Strategic Business Coach leading retreats in the U.S. and internationally, helping entrepreneurs work through impostor syndrome, self-doubt, and perfectionism.

He is the founder of All Things Private Practice LLC, and the host of the “All Things Private Practice Podcast.” Patrick also owns a group psychotherapy practice in Asheville, NC. 

With experience in both the clinical mental health world and the business world, he has helped hundreds of therapists around the United States leave their agencies behind and create their ideal private practices. 

He loves to travel and excels at bringing people together and helping to get the best out of them.

Jennifer Agee, LCPC [Co-Host]

Owner of Counseling Community Inc.

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Podcast Host | Business Strategy Coach | NBCC CE Provider | Speaker

Jennifer is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Professional Entrepreneurial Retreat Host and Coach, host of the "Sh*t You Wish You Learned in Grad School" podcast, an internationally known speaker, and owner of Counseling Community, Inc. and Jennifer Agee Counseling & Consulting.

Jennifer has training in EMDR and Hypnotherapy and specializes in Inner Child Work with clients.

She has a passion for helping therapists not only become excellent clinicians but solid practice owners, and she offers online and destination continuing education opportunities to therapists.

Cindi Miller, MS LCMHC

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Perfectionism and Coping Skills Specialist | Mindset and Confidence Coach for Athletes | Copywriting Coach for Therapists |

Cindi, is a licensed mental health counselor at Patrick Casale's group practice in North Carolina and also has her own private practice in Indiana. Her specialty as a therapist is on body image, perfectionism, and eating disorders. 

As a former high level volleyball coach, Cindi has worked with high achievers, perfectionists, and folks riddled with imposter syndrome for a long time. She is dedicated to helping individuals cultivate a positive relationship with themselves, build confidence, and make lasting changes to better their lives. 

Cindi stumbled into a passion for copywriting for other therapists through Patrick’s early private practice coaching groups. She loves getting to know a therapist's authentic self, the “why” for doing what they do, and helping them create their marketing profiles and website copy - words that make their ideal clients say “damn, this therapist gets me!”

Cindi is a lover of sports, her cats, travel, and is a seeker of justice and advocacy. Cindi is also trained in Human Design, a holistic system that uses differentiation as its guiding principle, a process for detaching from what society thinks is right for us, and instead, re-establishing our individuality.


Shaelene Lauriano Kite, LPC, RYT, DBT-LBC 

Owner of Rebelmente & DBT South Jersey

Therapist | International Speaker | Group Practice Business Coach | Yoga For Trauma Educator 

Shaelene (she/her) is a 4x entrepreneur not limited to her work as a counselor, yoga teacher and practice owner. She leads a group practice of 20+ that has continued to grow rapidly since its opening in 2018. Her practice, DBT of South Jersey earned its first $1 million plus in revenue in just two short years after opening its doors, and continues to grow steadily in subsequent years. 

Shaelene is a DBT Expert and Trainer, Yoga for Trauma Educator, International Speaker, and owner of Rebelmente-a mental health training and consulting company. In 2024 Shaelene launched The Rebel Minds Learning Collective, an all inclusive DBT training membership supporting providers in becoming kick ass DBT therapists. Shaelene also co-created the groundbreaking program Stabilize and Scale with her business partner Katie May in order to help visionary group practice with the business side of running a thriving practice. 

When not working, you’ll find her at a concert or traveling, taking a long walk with a good podcast, and spending time with her two Christophers (one big, one little) and her  weiner dog- Lucy.

Yunetta Smith, LPC-MHSP, NCC, EMDR Certified Trainer & Approved Consultant

CEO and founder of Spring Forth Counseling & Ground Breakers Coaching and Consulting

Trauma Specialist| EMDRIA Approved Trainer | Author | Media Expert | International Speaker | Self-Care Strategist| Podcast Host

Yunetta Spring Smith is a thriving Therapreneur, blending her expertise as a therapist and entrepreneur. She is the owner of Spring Forth Counseling, Ground Breakers Coaching and Consulting, and the founder of the first BIPOC EMDR Therapy Directory.

Yunetta is a Licensed Professional Counselor, EMDR-certified therapist, approved consultant, trainer, and international speaker. Specializing in supporting the healing of resilient children residing in adult bodies, Yunetta helps clients navigate intersections of historical neglect, coupled with childhood, racial, and religious trauma. Passionate about BIPOC and marginalized communities she emphasizes the importance of race, culture, and identity in her consultations, training, and overall therapeutic approach.

Nationally recognized as a mental health media expert, she spreads awareness through the “Talk It Out Tuesday” mental health segment on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, her upcoming rebranded podcast “Rewired, From The Ground Up,” and her self-published self-care workbook, “Take the Struggle Out of Self-care: Six Weeks to Create Your Self-care Strategy.”

Yunetta is a groundbreaker, stigma breaker, and cycle breaker who plants seeds of encouragement with every encounter. She strives to cultivate spaces where individuals can realize they aren’t broken—they are breaking through

As your retreat hosts, Jennifer and I believe that travel helps us take more risks in life. It gives us permission to move, to experience the culture, to eat new food, and to make new friends and connections. We owe almost everything we have to travel experiences. When we start to think bigger, we can start becoming more creative in our businesses, our personal lives, and in everything we do.

You don’t grow when you’re comfortable.


“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts; it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” – Anthony Bourdain

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